Additional Terrain FAQ's

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What is the weight and dimension of Terrain?

Approximately 10kg/22lbs, excluding the battery.


Height = 96cm/38" approx
Length = 120cm/47" approx
Width = 59cm/23" approx


Height = 33cm/13" approx
Length = 87cm/34" approx
Width = 59cm/23" approx
How much does the battery weigh?
The 18 hole battery is approximately 6.8kg/15lbs.
The 36 hole battery is approximately 11.5kg/25lbs.
How much does the battery charger weigh?
Approximately 0.5kg/1 lb
What is the maximum recommended bag weight?
The maximum recommended bag weight is a 17kg bag, do remember though that the lighter the bag the more efficient the trolley and a lighter bag will help to improve battery life
Distance or timer function?
The figures quoted are approximate distances. This can vary based on ground conditions, inclines and declines
I have just received my new Terrain, where is the serial number?
On the underside of the battery tray you will see a gold colored plate. On this plate you will find an engraved unique serial number.
I've just received my new Terrain, can I use the battery straight away?
Like all batteries, whilst in storage they can lose a small percentage of their charge. If you want to ensure your trolley performs throughout your first round, then we recommend you charge the battery for at least 12 hours before use.
A friend tells me it's best to do a couple of 9 hole rounds with a battery when it's new?
No, your battery can be used for normal 18 or 36 hole (if you bought the 36 hole option) rounds straight away. You will find that after just a few rounds the battery performance will improve even more.
Can I fit both the scorecard holder and umbrella holder to my Terrain?
The design of the handle on Terrain does not permit that both are fitted at the same time.
I need to take the main wheels off to put the Terrain in my car. Are the wheels handed?
Yes, when new you will see a small white label on the inside of each wheel indicating L or R, this is also embossed near the centre, inside of the wheel

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