VISION Trolley

VISION Trolley Golfstream Vision Electric Golf Trolley

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Golfstream Vision Electric Golf Trolley 

  • Revolutionary Caddy White screen can be seen easily even in full sun.
  • One touch super simple fold/unfold.
  • Holds the bag beautifully without “perching” on the central beam to avoid bag wobble.
  • Non clogging front wheel housing.
  • Full livery colour swaps available.
  • Super slick high grip tires.
  • Easy off main wheels.
  • Distance control function.
  • Speed increments in 0.5 to get the perfect speed to match your pace.
  • Fully programmable left handed operation.
  • Personalisation of the main screen to allow names.
  • Simplicity mode for those who don’t want the fancy extras.
  • Super quiet powerful drive train for an uninterrupted round.
  • Sleek power platform to take all popular batteries.
  • Magnetic hold together latch for quick and simple hold.
  • Two year parts and labour guarantee.
  • Available without battery and charger if desired.
  • Folded dimensions approx. 24 W x 12 H x 34 L and weighs 20lbs without a battery.